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Elevate your backyard and outdoor pool with innovative water features. Copper Leaf Pools and Spas creates unforgettable features in your backyard for entertaining or creating your personal oasis. Browse our portfolio and embark on your water feature journey today with our premier design and construction services.

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Contact us today at Copper Leaf Pools and Spas to schedule a design consultation. Embark on a journey to experience a backyard oasis. Whether you’re creating an outdoor entertainment wonderland or designing an intimate area for relaxation and comfort, our team will work with your dreams and inspire you with elegant design ideas for your water features.

Iconic Landscaping Feature

Iconic Landscaping Feature

Our water feature designs offer far more than a simple pool or backyard pond. Professionally designed water features incorporate all the senses to produce stunning visuals, calming sounds and comfortable water temperatures for all-day relaxation. Here are just a few basic categories that we can incorporate into your current or ideal landscaping:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Natural stone
  • Splash pads
  • Hardscapes

We integrate your new water feature with your current landscaping, or work with premier landscaping experts to create an entirely new outdoor living area for your home. Our full-service design and construction features are what you need for a hassle-free backyard renovation.

Personalized Designs

Personalized Designs

Work with an experienced designer who understands local architecture, international fashion and timeless style. Our Arizona designers can work with you to create a personalized design. From practical water drainage elements to the finest design details, we cover all the bases to ensure a flawless design for your unique tastes and local landscaping.

After a design consultation, our in-house construction team organizes the construction of your unique water feature. At the end of the construction process, you’ll enjoy water elements that seamlessly meld into your overall landscape design. From a natural stone pool wall renovation to an entire pond, stream and fountain setup, our team can construct and maintain your water feature for a timeless look.

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