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Splash Pads & Splash Parks

Splash pads are a great addition to any backyard landscape in Arizona.  They are a fun way for the whole family to cool off from the desert heat.  As an experienced splash pad installation company based in Phoenix, AZ, we can design a unique splash pad for your backyard.  With no standing water, splash pads are a safe option for people of all ages and dogs love them too!

Splash pads are water-based recreation areas that feature little-to-no standing water. They feature a non-slip or safety surface and nozzles or spouts that shoot or mist water into the air. The result is a fun, refreshing recreational area for any property. It’s also a low-cost alternative to a swimming pool, which makes it a popular addition to the following locations:

  • Backyards landscapes
  • Pool and spa areas
  • Commercial water parks
  • Recreational
  • Municipal water parks
  • Vacation rentals
  • Hotels and resorts


Splash Pad Construction


Planning, Design, and Layout

We utilize our experience building complex pools, spas, and landscapes to create incredible splash pads.  The first step to a splash pad install is to design the water feature to fit the area and include all the features a client wants.  This is the time we do all the construction planning and acquire any city permits necessary.  We then layout the splash pad in the backyard based on the design plan.


All the sch 40 piping is sized based on your unique splash pad installation.  Since every splash pad is a custom installation, we tailor the plumbing and equipment to match your exact project.  The heart of the splash pad is the equipment.  We use the highest grade equipment designed for swimming pools and spas which perform at optimum levels.

Water chemistry is an important part of the system.  Chlorinators are usually installed as a primary sanitizer.  Secondary water sanitizers can be added.  We recommend having a UV water sanitizer as well as an ozone cleaning system


There isn’t a high demand for power to run a splash pad so they are very efficient and not expensive to operate.  We utilize variable speed pumps to give the owner maximum control.  There is no high voltage power at the feature itself so they are safe to operate.


Every splash pad we build uses high strength steel reinforced concrete to resist cracking.  Everything must be sloped correctly to ensure proper flow and operation without puddling or standing water to minimize run off.


PIP rubber is an option that is troweled onto the concrete sub-base.

Acrylic lace is the most popular option for splash pads in AZ.  We use a spray on process similar to pool decking.  We use a specially formulated product that resist water and moisture.

Nozzle and Water Feature Installation

The last phase is where the splash pad project comes to life.  After flushing the entire plumbing system, we install the various nozzles chosen by the client.  We also install the above ground water features.  After everything has been installed, we thoroughly test the system and operate all the water features to ensure your new splash pad is operating optimally.  Then it is time to enjoy your  water park in your own backyard!


Splash Pad Options


PIP rubber is a surface option that has a cushion effect to help protect from falls.  Poured in place rubber surfacing comes in a variety of colors which can be combined to create vibrant patterns.

Acrylic lace is the most popular option for splash pads in Arizona.  It is a low-cost alternative to PIP rubber and still offers a multitude of colors.  Often times 2 or more colors are combined to create a splash park effect.

Above Ground Water Features

With numerous choices available, combinations and colors are endless.  From  mushrooms and umbrellas to fire hydrants and cannons, there is something to please everybody.  We also can custom design water features for specialty projects.


Nozzles are a low cost, high impact option.  With a variety of spray options it is easy to customize a splash pad even on a budget.


Splash Pads can operate on automation just like your pool and spa.  We can install wall mounted switches, activator posts, wireless remotes or phone app automation to control your backyard splash pad.


How much is a Splash Pad in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ?

A splash pad installation cost in AZ is comparable to the cost of an above ground spa or hot tub.  Just like a swimming pool or spa, there are many options that have varying costs.  Basic to mid-level splash pads usually range between $8000-$12,000.  Larger backyard splash pads normally are $12,000-$20,000 or higher.

Nozzles are an inexpensive way to add excitement to a splash pad.  Depending on the size and type of nozzle, they can be as low as $100 each.

Above ground water features offer a dramatic appearance as well as unlimited fun.  Most features range from $1,000-$5,000.  Commercial grade and custom features can be $5,000-$10,000 and above.

Secondary sanitizers are an inexpensive way to ensure healthy and clean water.  UV systems and Ozone cleaning systems can be added for about $800-$2000 depending on the system.

Automation is a very popular option for pools, spas, and splash pads.  Adding a splash pad to an existing automation system can be as little as $500.  If it is a stand alone system without a pool, we have options for a complete automation system to control your backyard splash pad.

Splash Pad FAQs


They use a holding tank that recirculates the water after cleaning and sanitizing it.  There is very little evaporation since the water is stored underground.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

We have a 3 year warranty on all splash pads and equipment.  With proper care and maintenance your splash pad will far exceed that time frame.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

Yes, but we would recommend doing this at the time of a pool remodel since we would need to  add plumbing to the pool.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

Of course!  We can install it as a stand-alone water feature

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

An experienced splash pad builder can complete the process in as little as a week depending on size and complexity.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

There is no given size or shape a splash pad needs to be, but as a splash pad contractor, we recommend an area at least 10’x10′.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

Building a splash pad may require a permit depending on the existing conditions, complexity, and electrical needed.  Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and other jurisdictions all have varying requirements when it comes to pool, spa, and splash pad installation.

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

A splash pad is an interactive above ground water feature

Category: Splash Pad FAQs

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