Pool Building Process


The third item is to dig the swimming pool.

Digging the Swimming Pool



Pool excavation is he first time a major change takes place. A variety of equipment is used to dig swimming pools in AZ. The type of tractor used depends on access and location. Generally the greater the access, the large the equipment. During the pool excavation is when the finished pool elevation is set. This is an imperative part of the pool dig and it is paramount this is done correctly to avoid a variety of problems later in the building process. Pool excavation can easily remove hundreds of tons of dirt from your yard. Excavation of swimming pool using laser level to precisely determine depth. We dig and chisel the earth as close as possible to the pool design including steps and benches. Many pools can be dug in one day, but if a swimming pool has a complex shape or is larger than the average, more time may be needed. If access is limited this can also extend the dig time. One thing to always be aware of is that any pool in any location could turn into a hard dig. Some areas are more prone to hard digs, but they could happen anywhere. This is something that can’t be known until the swimming pool excavation takes place.

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