Pool Building Process

Interior Finish

The fourteenth item is to install the interior finish.

It’s Time to Complete the Interior



Specialized cleat boots for finishing pools.

The last phase of building a swimming pool or spa in Arizona before the water goes in is the interior finish. Plaster is not the only choice for pools and spas. A variety of options are available like PebbleTec, Pebble Sheen, BeadCrete, Pebble Fina and 3M Quartz just to name a few. Regardless of the interior finish chosen the application process is similiar for all finishes. With pebble based products, the material is sprayed on with a nozzle. A crew of workers land and trowel the pebble until it is smooth and consistent. Mist wands are used to expose the PebbleTec finish. The pebble finish is left to cure over night. The next day a worker will acid wash and clean the PebbleTec and the filling begins.

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