Pool Building Process

Shotcrete Shell

The eighth item to happen is the spray in the concrete shell.

Spraying in the Concrete Shell



Shotcrete being sprayed at high velocity to form the pool’s shell.

Shotcrete, sometimes called gunite, is when the pool begins to look like the finished product. The pool area is tarped off and a crew of workers begins shooting concrete through a large hose and forms the shell of the swimming pool.The pool walls are 6″ thick and the coves are 8″ thick. Any features inside the pool and spa are also formed in high strength concrete such as steps, benches and stools. Shotcrete being sprayed at high velocity.

The nozzle man shoots the concrete in the pool while other workers trowel and finish the concrete to the pool specifications. The finish is left rough to ensure proper adhesion of the interior finish.

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