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Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Not only are we a pool builder, we are also a full service hardscape and landscape company. Virtually every pool company has to hire a landscape company to install the travertine pavers, flagstone or other decking and pool coping. We do it in house. This gives us ultimate control over production and quality and eliminates unnecessary costs. Landscape companies and pool companies generally don’t play well together so this gives us an advantage over other AZ pool builders. Since we do the entire project, we design the backyard to include the pool, spa, Landscape & hardscape and there is no disconnect between the pool builder and landscape company. Most pool companies only design the pool and have no interest in what happens after that. Likewise the landscaping company doesn’t want do any work until the pool design is complete. Usually these two companies never agree or meet so you can imagine the outcome. Imagine an architect and builder talking! We have been a subcontractor for over 30 pool companies in Arizona including the top 5 pool builders and have learned from other’s mistakes. We build everything the pool, spa, splash pad, waterfall, landscape everything else outside.

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